Snow Removal

Winter Weather Guidelines

The Bureau of Streets reminds residents of the following important snow safety guidelines:

  • Slow down, and allow more time for travel.
  • Keep a safe distance when driving behind snow plows in order to stay clear of the plow's blind spots.
  • Do not try to pass plows that are moving in and out between cars parked on the curb line.  This is very dangerous and may cause an accident.
  • Please park on driveways or in garages, away from curb lines, whenever possible.
  • Do not shovel or blow snow into the street causing a traffic obstruction.
  • Never allow children to play in snow piles along curb lines.

In addition, property owners and residents are urged to do their best to keep their sidewalks shoveled.  It is the responsibility of the owner or occupant of any premises on any city street to remove snow and ice from the public sidewalk within 24 hours after snow or ice has fallen or accumulated.  If an owner or occupant fails to comply, the City may remove snow and ice after giving the owner or occupant 24 hours written notice, and the owner or occupant will be responsible for the cost of removal.

Keeping our sidewalks clear of snow and ice is especially important for the safety of children and elders.  Clear sidewalks also provide a safe working environment for those who work in our neighborhoods, including utility locators, postal workers, newspaper delivery people, and others who provide services to and around our homes.

Neighbors are encouraged to look out for and help each other, as some may be unable to move their snowed-in vehicles or clear their curbs and sidewalks without assistance.   Remember to look out for snowplows and other drivers, and help celebrate the holiday season by making South Bend a "Safe City!"

When winter weather arrives, it is important to understand and follow snow removal guidelines for everyone's safety. Below are explanations of terms you may hear this winter season. The following snow removal guidelines will be in effect as declared by the City of South Bend.

Snow removal condition: A formal declaration by the Mayor, City Engineer, or in both of their absences, the Mayor's designee, which is made when the actual or expected precipitation will create hazardous or dangerous street or sidewalk conditions. When a "snow removal condition" is declared, one of the following conditions will be in effect.

  1. Snow Route Clearance Condition: No vehicles shall be parked on a street designated as a snow route. A vehicle which is parked, stalled, incapable of moving under its own power, or left unattended on a snow route shall be issued a citation and/or towed and/or impounded at the owner's expense. (Snow Route: Streets which are heavily traveled and are necessary thoroughfares for the movement of traffic through the city. Snow routes are noted by street signs.)
  2. Residential Snow Clearance Conditions: Parking banned on all streets NOT designated as snow routes according to the following schedule. Vehicles in violation will be issued a citation and/or towed and/or impounded at the owner's expense.
    • Even-numbered days - No parking on east/west streets
    • Odd-numbered days - No parking on north/south streets
  3. Winter Weather Emergency Conditions: Traffic may be limited within the city and parking regulations may be established. Residents will be cautioned to restrict traveling as much as possible.