Yard Waste Pick-Up & Containers

Weekly yard waste collection will begin April 1st and continue through Thanksgiving

Pick up during this season is automatic on your trash day.

  • Yard waste must be paper bags for collection. Plastic bags are no longer allowed starting January 1, 2014.
  • They may also be in a 35 gallon or smaller container, weighing no more than 35 lbs and placed at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on service day.
  • Place grass clippings, leaves, and bundled branches 4 ft. in length or less and a diameter no greater than 4 inches at the curb. 
  • No yard waste will be picked up in the alley.
  • Please separate regular trash from yard waste by several feet if you have trash service at the curb.
  • You must call 311 or 574-233-0311 to make arrangements for disposal of large limbs and to order a yard waste container.

Yard Waste Containers

  • The minimum charge for renting the yard waste container is $16.00 annually.
  • You must call 311 or 574-233-0311 to order a yard waste container. 
  • Residents are asked to store yard waste containers from December-March, though there is no rental fee during these months.
  • Yard waste containers can take any organic material excluding soil, sod or rocks.