South Bend Relocation PacketMSN Spotlight: South Bend-Mishawaka #1 Market for Best Home Values for First Quarter 2014

MSN Home Page lists “5 Best Places to Buy a Home” and South Bend is number one. According to statistics from the National Association of Realtors, values have risen in South Bend by 26.8% over last year. That combined with home values- average sales price of $85,700 -  prompted Bankrate, the author of the article, to put South Bend on the the list.

South Bend owes its vibrancy and charm to its neighborhoods. As diverse as they are numerous, South Bend's neighborhoods offer a variety of lifestyles, housing options, schools and amenities. Whatever your choice, whether it be in one of the fine historic homes or a newer home in and around the city, there is a home for you in South Bend. To the outsider looking in, the local housing stock is so appealing that it often is a decisive factor for professionals choosing employment in South Bend versus other cities where real estate is more expensive.

South Bend neighborhoods offer something for everyone

Miami Ridgedale NeighborhoodSue Solmos just happened to be home with the flu the day NBC-TV’s “Today” show featured housing expert Barbara Corcoran and her list of top 10 cities nationwide with the best housing values.

That’s how she just happened to hear that Corcoran had placed South Bend in the No. 1 slot, based on the homebuyer’s ability to buy “more house for your dollar” within a context of local job growth and steadily rising housing prices.

The fact that the show was featuring that story came as a pleasant surprise, says Solmos, residential marketing specialist for the City. “They did that on their own initiative,” she says. “We didn’t even know they were working on it.”

Far less surprising, however, was the fact that South Bend had done so well in the rankings.

“South Bend has more substantial, attractive neighborhoods with high-quality construction than any city in Indiana,” Solmos says. “In terms of architectural design, structural integrity, and quality of building materials, our housing stock is simply not matched anywhere else in the state.”

Not only that, but that housing stock is available at significantly lower prices than the national average. Taking into account other factors such as quality of life and cost of living, the ability to buy a distinctive, well-built home in a variety of architectural styles makes South Bend an exceptional place to call home.

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